List of Action Film Movies You Have To Watch

Action film movies from Hollywood become the most preferable movies for many people around the world. If you need more entertainment in the form of movies, you need to read some information below about the list of movies that you need to watch. The movies will have action genre which are very much interesting to see. You may come first to see The Avengers as the best hero and action movie for your home entertainment. If you are the one who loves Marvel heroes, this movie will be a perfect choice since the actors are also good in bringing the characters to the story.

The next movie that you may watch and take message from it is Avatar. It is a great film with the background story of indigenous people of Pandora. They are like creatures with blue body and having similar organ as human on earth. They are fighting against the bad humans who want to take their home away from them. This is one of action film movies which can make you reflect something about the story. Even if it is released on 2009, the viewer shows the positive responses towards the movie.

The next action film you need to watch is about Passengers. It is a new film to lead you having better experience in fighting and saving other’ people life. The background of story liga vip will be in a plane which comes to the space. There is a couple of adult who will be responsible of people’s life. They need to save others but sometimes it should go through some hardship. The film is played by Jennifer Lawrence who is also an actress in the Hunger Game the series. The movie will be very much recommended for you since it has a nice rating as action film movies.