Some Recommended Action Film Hindi You Need To Watch

Action film hindi can be a perfect option for you to spend your leisure time wisely. The story comes in different way and atmosphere comparing to the action movie from Hollywood. You may see some of them coming up with some great actors playing their role in the movie. In this article, you will be able to see some recommended movies. The first one is Dishoom. It is an action film form Hindi which was released on 2016. It is categorized as a new film with Rohid Dhawan directed the film. It is a film with a story of two cops’ officers who are soccer looking for someone missing in the Middle East area. The story is quiet interesting and many audiences love the movie.

The next movie of hindi which is recommended with action genre is Allah Ke Banday (People of Allah. The movie was released on 2010 but it becomes a great movie with the story it has. It is an intense drama which you should know since the story will tell you about crime of juvenile. With India background, the story comes more interesting with some great actors so that the movie becomes one of best action film hindi.

The last movie of action genre that you should watch here is Commando 2. It is a newest movie since it is released on 2017. It will give you a story of a strong man with his capability to combat any black money which comes as a danger in the story. You will see how the action movie is very much interesting because the actor is able to master the character in the movie. This is the reason why Commando 2 movie is also good as action film hindi even if it is a new movie on cinema 2017.